Open-air Cooler Buyers' Guide

Open-melodic phrase ice chests, a popular way to increase impulse buys, can be vertical or horizontal. Regardless of the trend of merchant you choose, all have one feature in common: no room accesses. In place of the insulation that doorways provide, these units have a bulwark of melodic phrase that constantly circulates in front of the products, keeping refrigerated items at the proper temperatures and ensuring product safe. This melody paries not only helps to maintain temperatures, it also prevents shit, worms, and other unsanitary material from entering the unit. Because nothing is blocking the client’s view of the cooler’s interior, your products will receive better photograph.

ALK Cool will offer you a better alternative for open-air cooler. We have horizontal open-air ice chests and island-style open-air ice chests.

Horizontal Open-air Coolers

A horizontal air curtain refrigerator, which is between 42 and 46 column inches tall, puts the products it is merchandising at about shank altitude. In some models called dual service coolers, unrefrigerated shelves made for holding dry goods add to this altitude. Cooler widths range from 28 to 120 column inches broad and have two or three levels to display products.

Horizontal units are available with white, black, and stainless-steel exteriors. We have glass sides of meat to give customers maximum visibility of the products inside. Also, we use LED lighting, which are brighter and more energy-efficient. Our models have a dark curtain to help conserve energy at nighttime or when your business is closed.

The operation temperature is from 35.6℉ to 46.4℉ and it’s ideal for  prepared cake, iced cold coffee, packed meat and bottled succus.

Island-style Open-air Coolers

Another type of open-air merchandiser is the island-style cooler. These models are often a combination of the vertical and horizontal types, with a low base that can hold products. These units are not made to be placed against a wall, instead offering 360-degree merchandising.

The operation temperature is from 35.6℉ to 46.4℉ and it’s ideal for potable, Sushi, sandwich, packed yield and salad.


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